To connect your Geno-watch, you have to download the "Hryfine" app on the Android or App Store depending on your smartphone model. Down below are the links to download the app. You can also find the QR-Code in the user's manual.

Apple store:


Follow these steps to insure a good installation: 

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth mode on your phone and connect your Geno-watch device.
  2. Keep the Bluetooth mode on and go to the app store to download the M2 Wear app. 
  3. Open the app. Confirm the notification, location.
  4. Tap Add device: search for "T500+PLUS" and press connect.

*** Don’t forget to allow the notifications in your phone and app settings.



Watch Faces: Press and hold the display, there will be a choice of dial, press to confirm.

Main menu
: To enter and navigate through the main menu slide left and right on your screen. Slide left to go to the next page. Slide right to return.

Calls/SMS: Go to your phonebook and synchronize all contacts on the smartphone. The smartwatch allows you to synchronize a maximum of 400 contacts. You can also synchronize the call history from your mobile phone and synchronize all messages on the smartphone.

Pedometer: Useful to check the steps you’ve taken, the calories you’ve burned and the distance you've walked during the day. Every day at midnight, all data is automatically recorded and reset. To measure your statistics more accurately, set up all your personal information, such as gender, height, weight, etc. 

Sleep Monitor: The Geno-watch records the duration and quality of your sleep to help you adjust a better resting time and improves the quality of your sleep. Slide the slider up to enter options; Status, On and Off; History, check deep sleep and light sleep; instruction.

Heart Rate Monitor

Wear the watch tightly on your wrist for about 20 seconds. It will then display the heart rate data in real time. You can check your heart rate history in the menu.

ECG: It can display the data within 30 seconds of wearing your smartwatch. The ECG data is then recorded on the phone and will appear on the app.

Anti-loss A feature that allows you to find you phone quickly by clicking on "Find Phone". After doing so, your phone will ring. Press "End" on the phone to stop the alarm once your phone has been found. 

Alarm: 5 alarms can be set on your Geno-watch. Press to cancel the alarm.

Calculator: Basic calculator to do your calculations quickly.

***Once you have downloaded the M2 wear app and that the connection between the Geno-watch and phone is established, you will be able to observe your exercise data, your heart rate, the quality of your sleep, etc.